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Welcome to the City of Stephenville Water Utilities Division. Learn about the City of Stephenville Water Production and Distribution Systems; get information about your water bill; view the most recent “Drinking Water Quality Report; Review Water Conservation practices; see the Drought Contingency Plan and much more.

The Stephenville Water Department is dedicated to providing the citizens of Stephenville with the highest level of water supply, quality and customer service. The city meets and exceeds State and EPA regulations to ensure our water supply is safe to service all.

The City of Stephenville water supply utilizes 30 wells within the Trinity Aquifer. The city also maintains water rights to allow treated drinking water from the Upper Leon River Municipal Water District ( to be blended with groundwater as part of the city’s 50-year Long Term Water Supply Plan.

The State of Texas recognizes the City of Stephenville’s water supply as Superior. Stephenville’s drinking water is closely monitored to ensure it meets the rigorous standards established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Extensive testing is accomplished by the TCEQ on a regular basis to monitor the level of various constituents which might affect the water. Follow the link below to view the most recent annual report: