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Top 3 Ways To Have Fun In Stephenville

When was the last time you visited Stephenville? Do you have any idea what are the best tourist attractions here? Such an important life even like winning the lottery will make you want to try out out of the ordinary things that yu have never tried before in your life. Since most winners tend to quit their daily jobs upon receiving the news of having won a bug jackpot prize, they will be left with a great deal of spare time on their hand. They can use this time to travel, do shopping, think of clever ways of investing their winnings, or do fin things in the cities or part of the world they have always wanted to visit. If Stephenville is one of the places you would consider for celebrating having won the lottery, here are a few smart ideas on fun things to do here.

#1: Have Fun At The Splashville Water Park

The Spalshville water park is located within the City Park and it provides visitors with a four foot deep water with 16′ and 8′ slides, as well as a lily pad walkway, and 275 gorgeous feet of lazy river. If you are a water person, you will definitely have tons of fun celebrating your new lottery win here with the whole family or your friends.

#2: Play The Lottery From A Local Stephenville Restaurant

Who says you cannot mix pleasure with making money? Playing the lottery is not a type of business in itself, but rather a gambling option that could make you filthy rich. So playing in your spare time is a type of activity prone to relax you and help you unwind. So why not mix your need to eat a delicious lunch with that of playing your weekly lottery tickets in Stephenville? You have a great deal of options at hand when it comes to picking a nice restaurant, and you can take a look at the information you can find on our website to get the exact addresses and contact information.

If you have no idea how to play the Powerball for example, you can try one of the online lottery websites like and read the simple and at the same time detailed information and rules to play. You can learn how to play in just a couple of minutes and take advantage of the discounted tickets and subscriptions found there. Opt for the quick pick alternative of marking tickets and let a random number generator decide your fate next. This is also a good quick alternative of playing the lottery while on vacation, when you do not wish to spend a lot of time in front of a computer trying to figure out what numbers to mark your tickets with.

#3: Visit The Stehpenville City Park

You can find a great number of playgrounds in the city park, as well as a skate park, tennis and basketball courts, jobbing tracks, baseball fields, and pretty much anything else a person who loves sports would like to discover.

The disc golf course, the historical museum or the Tac Pro Shooting are also open tot he public and readily available as great have fun attraction for the people of Stephenvlle, as well as tourists. Whether you have recently won the lottery and you wish to celebrate, or you are looking for a nice destination for your upcoming holiday, this place is a good one to start with.