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Garage Sales

The City of Stephenville Code of Ordinance allows for two garage sales per year per location. Garage sale permits are issued at City Hall.  After hours, weekend and holiday permits can be obtained at Stephenville Police Department

You may visit one of these locations to obtain a permit. Continue reading for full list of rules governing garage sales within City limits.

Click here for a list of current Garage Sales.

1. Continuous sales are PROHIBITED.

2. “The purchase of new or used merchandise for the purpose/intent to offer for sale at such residential location is expressly prohibited”.

3. The garage sale may not last longer than THREE (3) days.

4. A permit IS required. Permits may be purchased at City Hall, 298 W. Washington, for a fee of $3.00 if purchased BEFORE the date of the garage sale, otherwise the fee is $5.00 if the permit is purchased the DAY OF the garage sale.

5. Sale dates & addresses must be specified.

6. Signs advertising the sale may be displayed, but ONLY on the property of the resident having the sale. If you wish to display signs on or at other locations, you MUST have the property/location owner’s permission. NO SIGNS ARE TO BE PUT ON UTILITY POLES.

7. Signs are to be taken down immediately following the THIRD (3rd) day of the sale.

8. The garage sale permit must be visible from the street.

9. Violators of these rules may be subject to a misdemeanor charge and fined up to $200.