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The City of Stephenville establishes standards for the maximum number of unrelated individuals that can reside in a dwelling. In general, no more than 3 unrelated individuals can reside under one roof.

The term “related” implies individuals common by blood, marriage, or adoption. Example: a family of 3 common by blood share a property with an unrelated roommate. In this situation no more than 2 unrelated individuals are considered living at the property.

Windshield inspections of the property are performed once a complaint is received to build a vehicle tracking log and pinpoint signs of over occupancy. Utility records may be reviewed to establish trends for water and electricity consumption. Staff may make direct contact with the property owner, tenant, landlord, or leasing agent to inquire about the property. An official notice will be issued to all parties if the investigation produces reasonable cause to suspect an over-occupancy violation exists. A reasonable amount of time will be given to each party to come into compliance or face legal action.