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Fire Department


firepatchThe Stephenville Fire Department provides emergency medical service, fire protection/education to the citizens of the area in a prompt, effective and professional manner in order to minimize and prevent the loss of life and property.

The Stephenville Fire Department provides a multitude of services, such as: Emergency Medical Service, Fire Protection, Fire Prevention Education, Arson Investigation, Fire Inspections, Code Enforcement, Hazardous Materials Response, Fire Suppression and Rescue.

Since 1993 the fire department has averaged in excess of 2,100 calls per year. Approximately 80% of those calls were for ambulance service, or as it is known today, the E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Service)

The City of Stephenville Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency ambulance service (EMS) for Stephenville. The estimated population served is 16,000.

Approximately 70% of the EMS calls are made for our senior citizens’ population.

The fire department is staffed by 24 shift personnel which work 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty. We also have a volunteer Fire Department (some 20 members) which provide much needed support, backup, and manpower. Our volunteer members are a valuable asset to the community.

All shift personnel are cross-trained in fire and EMS. This allows our staff to respond in the most efficient manner to whatever emergency situation they face.

Our EMS provider license with the Texas Department of Health was recently upgraded from BLS with ALS capabilities to BLS with MICU capabilities. The department also participates in North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (RAC). Dr. Marilyn Brister, Director of Harris Erath County Hospital Emergency Department serves as the Medical Director for the Stephenville Fire Department EMS.

We have two Fire Stations. Station one is located at 212 W. Tarleton, and Fire Station two is located at 1301 Pecan Hill Drive. The department has seven fire trucks, one rescue truck and three ambulances.

Jimmy Chew is the Fire Chief and Administrative head of the fire department.

Gregg Schrumpf serves as the Fire Marshal.

The Stephenville Fire Department celebrated its 100th anniversary July 1, of 1998.

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