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Land Use

Citizen Land Use Survey –

Future Land Use

The Future Land Use Plan serves as a guide for the City of Stephenville to help address issues such as physical factors and man-made constraints that influence development, demographic makeup of the city, existing land use patterns, and future growth and development opportunities. The Stephenville City Council adopted the existing Future Land Use Plan 2003.   The Future Land Use Plan does not affect current residents property and does not affect current zoning. 

The Process

The new Comprehensive Plan is a principal part of the City’s overall, ongoing planning process. Approval of the Comprehensive Plan by the City Council establishes the vision and direction of the community and represents an important first step toward achieving the City’s stated goals. This plan should not be considered a static document. It is the result of a continuous process to gather and evaluate information and make informed decisions based upon constantly changing conditions. The Plan should be regularly reviewed, revised and updated as needed to maintain its applicability to current conditions and established priorities. At a minimum, the entire plan should be revisited every five years to ensure that it continues to reflect the true values and direction of the community. While Stephenville’s Comprehensive Plan should be flexible enough to respond to changing needs, the community should remain steadfast in its vision and support for the core goals and objectives contained in the Plan.

The City of Stephenville is looking to update the future land use.  A committee comprised of members of Keep Stephenville Beautiful, ISD, Tarleton, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, SEDA, Chamber of Commerce, STEDCO and two members at large will lead the update, which will include a review of existing land uses within the City of Stephenville and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), and the future uses identified in the Stephenville Comprehensive Plan and the Downtown Historic District. The outcome of this process will be a set of future land uses that accommodate the current and future development needs of the City.

Stephenville citizens will have numerous opportunities throughout this update process to offer feedback to members of the Future Land Use Plan Update Advisory Committee, the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Stephenville City Council.

All written correspondence regarding this committee’s work will be collected by staff and forwarded to members of the Future Land Use Plan Update Advisory Committee, the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Stephenville City Council for their consideration.

Step 1

Establish committee and provide all relevant documentation. The group will have a period of time to evaluate the area assigned and report back with comments and propose any amendments to the future land use.  During this time a survey will be provided to citizens and civic organizations.

Step 2

Staff will evaluate and summarize all comments

Step 3

A public meeting will be held so that citizens can comment on the future land use map and comment on the results from the committee

Step 4

Revise the future land use map based on comments

Step 5

Joint workshop with Planning and Zoning and City Council

Step 6

Adopt the Future Land Use Map through Planning and Zoning and City Council.


(Step 1) Committee evaluates and comments

(Step 2) Staff summarize comments

(Step 3) Town Hall Meeting

(Step 4) Revise Future Land Use Map

(Step 5) Joint workshop with City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission

June – July:  (Step 6) Adopt the updated future land use map through planning and zoning and the city council.