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Bosque River Trail

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About the Trail:

The Bosque River Trail is a walking, hiking and biking trail that runs along the north bank of the Bosque River in Stephenville. The trail measures 8,000 feet long or about 1.5 miles and is both open and wooded at various points. River views are available along the route. Grass and native plants are along the trail as well as bike storage, benches, lighting, and litter receptacles. Rest stops and mile markers are also available on the trail.

The Bosque River trail connects the City Park, Boy Scout area and Historical Museum to the downtown area. Great vantage points along the trail include a space that runs behind the Historical Museum and lookouts with river views. Kids are sure to enjoy the multiple displays of realistic animal tracks that are sandblasted into the trail, which create an impression of the native animals which can be seen along the trail.

The Bosque River Trail provides a beautiful part of the “country” within City limits, and with a country feel.


Bike storage, benches, lighting, trash receptacles, rest stops, natural landscaping and the opportunity to view turkeys, opossum, raccoons, armadillos, birds and even deer along the trail.

Close access to hotels, restaurants, and shopping, as well as to important historical sites within the City including the Historical Museum.


The trail begins on the west side of the Graham Street bridge at Stephenville City Park and moves west along the north side of East Crow Street until it turns north and travels along the east side of South Minter Avenue to the intersection of East Long Street. The trail turns east and travels along the north side of East Long, curves northward until it connects with the north side of East Long. The trail ends near East Tarleton Street.

About the Development:

Almost three decades ago the idea of a nature trail was incorporated into the City park’s plans and it came to fruition October 28, 2010. The idea was made possible by grants from the Texas Department of Transportation – Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program, the National Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century and the city of Stephenville. The City’s matching contribution of 20% was $443,000 for this $2.2 million dollar project.

The project engineering and design firm was Schrickel, Rollins and Associates out of Arlington, Texas. Local contractor, Jay Mills Contracting, was awarded the bid for the work on the project.