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2030 Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive planning is a principal part of the City’s overall, ongoing planning process. This process determines the community’s vision and direction. The Comprehensive plan represents the first step toward achieving the City’s goals and aspirations.

The outcome of the Comprehensive Plan aids city officials to specifically address the current and anticipated needs of the community. The elements of the Stephenville Comprehensive Plan are organized into 12 chapters, each of which includes existing conditions, issues, goals, objectives and actions for identified aspects of the community. Comprehensive plans typically encompass large geographical areas, a broad range of topics, and cover a long-term time horizon.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 02 – Community Profile
Chapter 3 – Vision & Goals
Chapter 4 – Land Use
Figure 4.1 Existing Land Use
Figure 4.2 Future Land Use Plan
Chapter 5 – Transportation
Figure 5.6 Thoroughfare Plan
Chapter 6 – Downtown Revitalization
Chapter 7 – Community Facilities & Public Service
Figure 7.1 Community Facilities Plan
Chapter 8 – Park and Recreation
Chapter 9 – Utilities and Drainage
Table 9.1 Development Projects
Table 9.2 Population and Connection Projections
Table 9.3 TCEQ Water Facilities Requirements (Existing)
Table 9.4 TCEQ Water Facilities Requirements (Future)
Table 9.8 2003 Wastewater Treatment Plant Data
Table 9.9 Water & Sewer Flow Projections
Figure 9.1 Planning Area Map
Figure 9.2 Future Water System Map
Figure 9.3 Future Sewer System Map
Figure 9.4 Drainage Master Plan Map
Chapter 10 – Economic Development
Chapter 11 – Economic Development
Chapter 12 – Implementation
Figure 12.1 Implementation Plan